Sunday, February 2, 2014

Rose. Rabbit. Lie.

Date & Time:  January 29, 2013 @ 11pm
Location:  Mezzenine Level of The Cosmopolitan Hotel in Vegas
Scene:  Girls in Little Flapper Dresses Accompanied by Gents in Suits
Vibe:  Gatsby Party
Music:  Eclectic Mix of Roaring 20's, Electronics, Hip Hop, Jazz
Decor:  Swanky, Intimate, Sophisticated.  Mansion w/ Study, Pool Room & Ballroom
Service:  Smooth, Polished, Accommodating
Imbibe:  Cocktails
Devour:  Caviar
Entertainment:  Amazing Group of Incredibly Talented Performers Dazzles

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Great American Music Hall

Saturday Night @ 6pm

Wife:  "You never take me out anymore"
Husband:  "I just took you to the new City Target"
Wife:  "That doesn't count, I hate you"
Husband:  "Fine, where would you like to go, dear"
Wife:  "Somewhere fun, surprise me"
Husband frantically searches SF Gate for something to do

Half Hour Later we Arrive @ O'Farrel & Polk &
wait in line behind 50 teenagers

Wife:  "Do we have to wait in line- it's freezing and it smells out here"
Husband:  "That's why we don't go out- we're too old for this"

Another Half Hour Later

Wife:  "Ooh let's stand by the stage"
Husband:  "I'd rather not- it is too loud and I can't stand for 2 hours"
We head up to the balcony to join the elder family members of the performers
Husband settles on to the chair and signs "Much better"
Wife:  "Let's order some food"
Husband stares hard at menu "I can't read this it is too dark in here"
Wife squints at menu "Let's just point to some things"

Grilled Artichokes & Rubbery Chicken arrives at our table
Wife:  "Is that what we ordered"
Husband:  "Guess so"

Wife:  "I can't eat this"

8pm Show Opens w/ Aijia

Wife:  "Who is she"
Husband:  "No idea, but she is very good"


8:30pm  Clara C graces the stage
Wife:  "Who is she"
Husband:  "No idea- she is also very nice"

We are groovin' to the music
Husband:  "I have to get up- my back is killing me"
Wife:  "Ooh, I am beat.  What time is it?"
Husband:  "9pm"
Wife:  "Are you sure?  It feels like 2am"
Husband:  "I can't wait to get home and sleep"
Wife:  "Me too, I am so sleepy" Dozes off
Husband:  "Do want to go out next weekend?"
Wife:  "No, thank you"

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Nobu & Hakkasan Vegas

Dinner Convo:

Mommy:  Wah!  $8 for a piece of sushi?!  Ok, ok I order one piece salmon.
Me:  Mom, you can't just have one piece of sushi for dinner!

I order dinner from our very beautiful server in a tight, black minidress since my husband is just gaping at her while my mom interjects with "No, no too much!" after each order.

My mom devours the food and says "Wow" between mouthfuls of miso cod and questioning the price of each dish.
Me:  Not quite sure, $34?
Mommy:  Wah, I can't even make so good at home!
Me:  Of course not, Mom, you can't cook.

When the check comes we all fight for the bill and our beautiful server ducks for cover.


Dinner Convo the following Night:

Server:  Please join us at our club, Steve Aioki will DJ, there is also the Ling Ling Lounge- our hostess will show you up.
Mommy:  "No, no thank you" turns to us and says "That is where they smoke the coke-caine and do the marijuana?!"
Me:  Mom, it's called cocaine and you don't smoke it- you have it confused with marijuana.
Mommy:  Ai-ya!  How do you know- you better not smoke the coke-caine and do the marijuana!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Best New Bakeries

1. 20th Century
    Neighborhood: Hayes Valley
    Devour:  Russian Cake

2. Le Marais Bakery
    Neighborhood: Marina
    Devour: Gateau Basque, Financier, Tart

 3. Heartbaker
     Neighborhood: Richmond District
     Devour: Shortcake, Italian Donuts, Pot de Creme

 4. Cafe Jorge
     Neighborhood: Mission
     Devour: Triple Ginger Scone

5. Flour+Co
    Neighborhood: Nob Hill
    Devour: Pop Tarts

6. B Patisserie
    Neighborhood: Pacific Heights
    Devour: Parfaits, Gateaus, Tarts