Sunday, October 20, 2013

Great American Music Hall

Saturday Night @ 6pm

Wife:  "You never take me out anymore"
Husband:  "I just took you to the new City Target"
Wife:  "That doesn't count, I hate you"
Husband:  "Fine, where would you like to go, dear"
Wife:  "Somewhere fun, surprise me"
Husband frantically searches SF Gate for something to do

Half Hour Later we Arrive @ O'Farrel & Polk &
wait in line behind 50 teenagers

Wife:  "Do we have to wait in line- it's freezing and it smells out here"
Husband:  "That's why we don't go out- we're too old for this"

Another Half Hour Later

Wife:  "Ooh let's stand by the stage"
Husband:  "I'd rather not- it is too loud and I can't stand for 2 hours"
We head up to the balcony to join the elder family members of the performers
Husband settles on to the chair and signs "Much better"
Wife:  "Let's order some food"
Husband stares hard at menu "I can't read this it is too dark in here"
Wife squints at menu "Let's just point to some things"

Grilled Artichokes & Rubbery Chicken arrives at our table
Wife:  "Is that what we ordered"
Husband:  "Guess so"

Wife:  "I can't eat this"

8pm Show Opens w/ Aijia

Wife:  "Who is she"
Husband:  "No idea, but she is very good"


8:30pm  Clara C graces the stage
Wife:  "Who is she"
Husband:  "No idea- she is also very nice"

We are groovin' to the music
Husband:  "I have to get up- my back is killing me"
Wife:  "Ooh, I am beat.  What time is it?"
Husband:  "9pm"
Wife:  "Are you sure?  It feels like 2am"
Husband:  "I can't wait to get home and sleep"
Wife:  "Me too, I am so sleepy" Dozes off
Husband:  "Do want to go out next weekend?"
Wife:  "No, thank you"

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