Sunday, October 13, 2013

Nobu & Hakkasan Vegas

Dinner Convo:

Mommy:  Wah!  $8 for a piece of sushi?!  Ok, ok I order one piece salmon.
Me:  Mom, you can't just have one piece of sushi for dinner!

I order dinner from our very beautiful server in a tight, black minidress since my husband is just gaping at her while my mom interjects with "No, no too much!" after each order.

My mom devours the food and says "Wow" between mouthfuls of miso cod and questioning the price of each dish.
Me:  Not quite sure, $34?
Mommy:  Wah, I can't even make so good at home!
Me:  Of course not, Mom, you can't cook.

When the check comes we all fight for the bill and our beautiful server ducks for cover.


Dinner Convo the following Night:

Server:  Please join us at our club, Steve Aioki will DJ, there is also the Ling Ling Lounge- our hostess will show you up.
Mommy:  "No, no thank you" turns to us and says "That is where they smoke the coke-caine and do the marijuana?!"
Me:  Mom, it's called cocaine and you don't smoke it- you have it confused with marijuana.
Mommy:  Ai-ya!  How do you know- you better not smoke the coke-caine and do the marijuana!

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